WHOLESALE Women’s Sensational Skirt

Item No.: SKT010_IVY
UPC Code: 195946028901
Detail Description: Crafted from premium quality fabric, this skirt drapes beautifully with a flowy silhouette that exudes grace and sophistication. The soft ivory hue adds a touch of purity and versatility, making it perfect for various occasions, from casual outings to special events. Perfect for Spring!

• Drapes neatly little below the knee
• Flowy fabric
• Lightweight
• Floral
• Elastic band
• Touches at the waist
• Imported

Content: 100% Rayon

Pack Breakdown: 6pcs/pack. 2S: 2M: 2L

Color: Ivory
Fabric: Rayon Crepe | Same Fabric Items
Price: /6PC
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